Custom build plots in the UK

The custom build market in the UK is still very young, with very few schemes actually taking place in the country at this moment.  However the future looks brighter for custom build & self build in the UK,  with proposals for many custom build & self build sites being made.  Throughout 2015 it is expected that many of these proposed sites will begin marketting plots for customers.

Czero Home also hope to announce details of custom build home sites in 2015, with sites in Staffordshire, Worcestshire and Cheshire West to be announced.

Below you will find a selection of sites containing custom build plots that are currently marketting plots or will do in the near future.


Cumnor Hill

6 plots – Cumnor Hill, Oxford

11 plots

11 plots – Hempsted Green, Peterborough

French Fields, Merseyside

18 plots – French Fields, Merseyside

Flosh Meadows

22 plots – Flosh Meadows, Cleator, Cumbria


6 plots – Bollington, Cheshire

35 plots - Boreham Mead, Warminster - Coming soon.

35 plots – Boreham Mead, Warminster


Are you looking for a plot of land to build a house? Fill out our form and register an interest in a custom build or self-build home in an area you wish to live and we will point you in the right direction. Register here.

We all know that acquiring land in a place you want to live can be difficult in the UK. However, if there is a demand from people for land in a specific area, registering your interest can help greatly in obtaining new plots because it will enable us to put forward to councils the figures for demand in a specific location. Local councils may then allow more land to become available for custom home and self-builders.